Racial Differences

Primitive People trying to Adapt to Modern Civilizations

I have recently been looking at videos of Detroit, and the destruction and decay there makes the normal ghetto look healthy.  The city is not just on the skids but is literally disappearing.  To think that this city – just a few decades ago – was a prosperous with a future and now it is imploding with no end in sight is really astonishing.  Most of the areas which are falling apart were actually pretty nice not long ago.

This seems to me to be yet another example of what happens when blacks take over a place and ruin it very quickly.  Years ago Africa under colonialism and white rule was a prosperous place with a real future.  People were migrating to Africa-not trying to escape from it.  Today after a few decades of black rule, it is in ruins and largely dependent on foreign aid.  Similarly Zimbabwe took a shockingly short time to turn itself into a basket case.  In addition, I have been reading about how older people in the Congo remember fondly the good old days under white colonialism when the country was actually a country and had a functioning economy, infrastructure and political system.  As another example Haiti under French rule was an enormously productive country.  Now it is not able to feed itself and is essentially managed by the UN.  Wherever I see blacks I see the same thing: poverty, underdevelopment, crime, decay, misery, and often political instability.  Everything they touch seems to go bad.  There is a general rule that both blacks and whites do better when around whites and suffer when around blacks.  Both races live better in white dominant societies and worse in black dominant ones.

There seems to be a general principle that societies that never naturally developed civilization on their own find it impossible to successfully maintain civilizations today.  Most of the Indians of the Americas, black Africans, and assorted primitive peoples in South Eastern Asia have not been able to adapt to modernity.  Instead, they and their societies live in constant poverty, misery and decay as well as a fair amount of social and political instability to boot.  I think that humans who already had civilizations before modern times had evolved to be able to handle civilization, while primitive people have missed that evolutionary step and remain like a child trying to manage adult challenges.  Obviously civilization has imposed evolutionary pressures on populations to increase their mental capacity and to make themselves more organized and disciplined.  Certainly running a complex society takes a lot more maturity and mental ability than living in a primitive hunter gather one.  People from primitive societies are perfectly adapted to the environment in which they have evolved, but put them in a modern advanced civilization and it is disaster.

Just look at the Australian Aborigines as an extreme example.  These people descend directly from the first migration of modern humans out of Africa and arrived in Australia about 60,000 years ago.  Since them they have been isolated from the rest of humanity and in a time warp.  If you want to get a good idea of how early humans were, then study the Aborigines with their primitive Stone Age culture.   Now they live alongside one of the most advanced races-the whites-and the Aboriginals are totally lost in the new white culture.  The Abos make the blacks look advanced and functional in comparison.  There is no way that you can look at their appearance, behavior, IQ (55) and their lifestyle and not honestly come to the conclusion that this is a primitive form of human.  And like the Kiwi Bird they are caught out by the more evolved outsiders.

The fundamental core of leftism is that we are all the same and since leftism is now our politically correct position/ religion, we continue to make policies with the assumption that all races and ethnicities have exactly the same ability, and if one group is doing much much worse than another it has to entirely be due to environmental circumstances-usually at the hands of white oppressors.  So we continue to pour billions of aid into Africa decade after decade, and there are repeated calls for a doubling of aid every few years despite the evidence that aid has done next to nothing for Africa in the long term, and may have actually made things worse at times.  But, hope spring eternal and someone always seems to be proposing the next solution to Africa´s problems…usually with a big dollop of extra money.

The same unfounded hope exists with the black/ white educational gap in the US.  Despite the fact that there is no evidence that spending more money does anything meaningful for black scholastic underachievement, the calls to increase funding never cease.  As with Africa, there is always a new initiative that will hopefully-this time-fix our poor black schools.  I have been hearing about the next great thing in education for as long as I can remember.  None of these initiatives work, but people don´t lose hope presumably because if one firmly believes that all people are equal and some are doing better than others, it must be due to environmental causes, and if they can just find the right program with the right funding they can fix these people.  But, decades go by and the same problems continue as much as before.  Why don´t be face reality and recognize that people are different and will act and perform differently.  It is not a pretty, sure, but why does reality have to be pretty?  Let´s try to make the best of a difficult situation for the benefit of everyone.  Continuing to live with a pretty lie will only make it worse.

Not wanting to admit innate differences between peoples, the standard excuse for why certain people do worse is the argument that something really bad happened in their past and they have been damaged goods ever since unable to overcome this trauma.  This exculpates dark skinned people and places a permanent blame on white people who must forever feel guilty and pay restitution to the dark skinned people.  According to this line of reasoning the blacks in America can never get their act together because of the horrors of slavery, the Haitians can never overcome their past with slavery and their old French debt,  Africa is a mess because of colonialism, South Africa is failing because of Apartheid, and Hispanics are screwed up because of Spanish Colonialism.

In isolation these excuses might make sense but the fact is that the world is full of ethnicities who have been thru unbelievable horrors and have been able to snap back in a few decades.  The Irish suffered horrendous famines and depravations at the hands of the English for centuries and until a few short decades ago recently were mired in absolute poverty.  The Koreans were brutally occupied by the Japanese and they went thru WWII and their own civil war.  In the 1950s Korea was as poor as Uganda, but look at it now.   The Jews suffered centuries of persecution and discrimination and are now one of the most successful people in the world.  The Germans suffered the loss of WWI, the destruction of its currency and economy in the 1920s, a brutal devastating war, ethnic cleansing, a harsh punitive post war occupation, and the occupation of its eastern half.  Today it is one of the most successful economies in the world.  I could go on but I think you get the point that all humans have suffered disasters and oppression and many have smartly snapped back.  The fact is that life is a bitch and history is one long trail of human exploitation on all sides.  If people want to look for excuses for why some people are failing there is almost always something in their history that they can point to as the reason.  But having a difficult history is not just limited to groups who are failing.  The same is true for those who are succeeding, so the argument does not hold water.  As a final note blacks have also benefited from decades of white reparation payments in the form of welfare benefits and grants to poor people and cities, and also from decades of substantial preferences in the form of Affirmative Action.

The other argument made for why blacks and Hispanics do worse in America is the assumption that, because presumably whites control everything as a majority, they have cleverly rigged the system-from education to the workplace to IQ tests-to favor whites and exclude minority people.  Once again this might make sense in theory, but if whites as a majority control everything and have rigged the whole system to their advantage and to the detriment of non-whites, then why are several small ethnic groups such as Indians, Jews, Koreans, Iranians, etc. doing significantly better on a range of measures than average whites are doing?  In fact these groups are smaller minorities than either blacks or Hispanics and yet their net wealth, school achievements, and IQ scores are higher than whites.  If whites are so good at keeping blacks and Hispanics down, then why have they failed so miserably with Indians, and Koreans?

Finally it is simply ridiculous to state that whites are orchestrating some kind of masterful white supremacist plan considering the fact that the US is suffering under the tyranny of massive political correctness (the exact opposite of white supremacy), blacks have achieved many positions of power and influence, and our president is half black and identifies as a black.   The thought that whites could be masterfully rigging the whole system in their favor considering the current political and social climate in America is absurd.


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