The latest buzz word sloppily thrown around as an etiphet is “hate/hater/hating”, which is applied by politically correct types to try and silence their opponents using fear, guilt and shame.  An example would be a common phrase such as “That is nothing but hate speech!” or “Haters are not allowed on the program.”  The problem is that “hate” (like “diversity”) is used in a completely selective and hypocritical way.

Calls for diversity are only heard in white or male dominated arenas.  No one is demanding that the NBA racially diversify, or that college professors diversify politically.  Similarly “hate” is used to silence opinions that PC types oppose, while at the same time allowing themselves to hate as much as they see fit.  Why is it “hate speech” when a white man makes a remark critical to blacks, but accepted discourse when a blacks criticizes whites.   If we really believe that “hate” is so terrible then we should outlaw all negative and critical remarks, which-of course- would be silly and dangerous.  The fact is that “hate”, when properly applied, is a perfectly valid emotion.  Only when it is out of proportion does it pose a threat.

The fact is that all emotions, even the negative ones, have their place.  Hate, fear, guilt and jealousy- to name a few- all can serve us well in the proper context and measure.  It is only when misapplied or extreme that they become destructive.  For instance if we actually do something badly maybe we should feel guilty.  If something is unjust we have a right to hate it.  Fear, when justified, can help to keep up alive, and jealously can motivate us to improve ourselves.  Every emotional state can have a negative or positive aspect depending on how it is played out.

The fact that some of our smartest people routinely use simplistic terms like “hate” shows that they realize that they are being hypocritical and dishonest, but that such dishonorable tactics fit their political purposes.


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