Censorship and the Holocaust

I have stumbled upon David Irving in youtube.com and what he has said is very interesting.  He challenges the orthodox view of the holocaust and states that there is no evidence of either gas chambers or orders by Hitler to annihilate the Jews, and that furthermore Jews and Allied governments have conspired to exaggerate the holocaust for their own interests.  His ideas are certainly controversial and he may be wrong or even dishonest. I do not have the time to laboriously confirm every statement by the man so I will take it with an open mind and a grain of salt.

What I do find despicable is the orchestrated attempts to silence the man by cancelling public debates, pressuring publishers, vandalizing property, threats, and even imprisonment.  Irving may or may not be right and may or may not be well intentioned, but in a modern democratic society he has the right to express his views.  The determined efforts by Jews and others to silence him is despicable.  In addition, their efforts make one think that Irving might be on to something, because if he were such a kook it would be easy to discredit him.  The fact that they are trying so hard to shut him up makes me think that they are afraid of his message because it might be true.  What does the opposition have to hide?  If David Irving is a crank then let him express his opinions and the holocaust orthodoxy can easily refute them.  In any case I find their efforts to be overkill.  Even if David Irving were not harassed, he still would be ignored by the press, the media, the educational system and politicians which are dominated by Jews and politically correct forces.  They must fear that David Irving is going to release a bombshell of historical revisionism and truth so he must be suppressed at any cost.

Here are some of his speeches which deserve a listen.


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