(NaturalNews) I first met the MegaFood company at a natural products expo two years ago. We sat down and had a conversation about “food-based nutrients” versus isolated or synthetic nutrients, and it turned into a fascinating hour that left me thinking we should be doing something with the MegaFood company at some point. They really impressed me as a company that knew what they were doing with food-based nutritional supplements.

Fast forward two years: Today virtually everyone in the natural health community recognizes that synthetic vitamins are all but useless, which is why conventional medical researchers always choose them to run their bogus clinical trials. That’s how they come up with those whopper headlines like “Vitamin E might kill you!” Sure it will if you’re using the synthetic, chemically-produced form that you find in many of the conventional name-brand multivitamins (which are mostly made by pharmaceutical companies anyway).

Synthetic vitamins are a scam. They don’t work, and in fact, there’s evidence that they may harm you.

Food-based nutrients, on the other hand, can be lifesaving!

That’s why people get such amazing results from a raw food diet, which is an extremely powerful cleansing and disease reversing diet.

People now get it: Nutrients should come from food, not from a synthetic chemical laboratory. And ideally, we would get all our nutrients from food. But that’s where things have gone wrong in our modern system of agriculture

Why your food is nutrient deficient

Trace minerals like zinc and selenium are absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of your body. And yet, nearly all trace minerals are widely depleted in the soils that grow our food.

That’s because conventional agriculture extracts these minerals from the soils, year after year, while replenishing none of them. Conventional fertilizers contain virtually no trace minerals, so after just one decade of growing crops through conventional methods, the soils are depleted of crucial trace minerals that your body needs to function. Conventional agriculture, it turns out, is almost like a strip mining operation that pulls valuable minerals out of the soil and carries them away in the food, ultimately leaving the soils depleted.

Most of the carrots, cabbage, zucchini, celery and even the fresh fruits you buy in grocery stores today are but pale shadows of real food because they lacks the micronutrient nutrition that real food used to have when it was grown in natural soil.

Organic agriculture is much better because trace minerals are often put back into the soils. But even then, they’re often still not present in the densities necessary to replenish the missing trace minerals in the bodies of most consumers.

The very best soil to grow food in, it turns out, is soil that was recently flooded. When rivers flood, they bring fresh nutrients to the surrounding farmlands, resulting in a burst of plant growth and nutrition. The very best food you can ever eat is wildcrafted food that was grown on soils that flooded last year.

But in its shortsightedness and nutritional ignorance, modern man has dammed up the rivers to “prevent flooding.” So farmlands don’t flood anymore, and nutrients are never replenished. The fields become more and more nutrient depleted, year after year, until they reach the point of chemical subsistence where they are barely scratching out a poor crop yield grown with chemicals: Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMO seeds.

That’s what most people are eating these days: Death crops grown in dead soils that lack virtually all trace minerals. And so people are dying of cancer, and strokes, and diabetes and heart disease, all while remaining clueless that the food they’re eating each day isn’t really food at all. That corn on your plate is just the illusion of corn. From the point of view of nutrition, it might as well be just “candy corn.”

Getting real nutrients from food

Getting real nutrition requires growing your food in the presence of trace minerals. If you can find a local organic farmer who grows food organically — while adding trace minerals back into the soil — then you have a shot at lasting health. Minerals can be put back into the soils through the use of seaweed extracts or even ocean water concentrates!

In fact, it was the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that resulted in record crop production the following year. All that ocean water replenished the soils, causing crops to grow back with such strength and vitality that many didn’t even need pesticides to ward off insects. When plants have their own inner vitality, they automatically resists pests and disease and need no chemical applications whatsoever. (How do you think plants survive in the wild, outside the farms?)

Unfortunately, finding trace minerals like selenium and zinc at high levels in real food is virtually impossible today. You almost have to grow your own food and feed your soil selenium and zinc in order to accomplish this.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031397_MegaFood_zinc.html#ixzz1EWyteJXm

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