It seems to me that a lot of girls want what they can´t have, pursue guys who are not interested in them, while rejecting those who are interested.  Most of the time it all ends in tears when the aloof jerk turns out-surprise!-to be an aloof jerk!  Then they like to blame all men as bad instead of looking in the mirror at their own screwed up choices.  Read below:

Women Want Men Who Appear To Not Want Them

posted by: Robin Marty 1 day ago
Women Want Men Who Appear To Not Want Them

Once more, science seems to be telling women that they really like what they can’t have, or at the very least what appears to not want us.  A new study is showing that women still appear the most interested in men who give the appearance of not being interested at all.

Via LiveScience:

Guys, science has a tip for you this Valentine’s Day: Don’t let on how much you like your potential date.

A study using fictitious profiles from the social networking site found that the women who were most interested in a group of men knew the least about whether or not the men liked them.

Under the pretense of studying the potential of Facebook’s usefulness as an online dating site, researchers told 47 female undergraduates that male students had viewed their profiles, along with the profiles of 15 to 20 other women. The women were then shown four men’s profiles (which were, unbeknownst to the women, actually fake). One group of women was told these men had liked them the most, a second group was told these men had rated them average, and the final group was left guessing – they were told the men could either have liked them most or were the ones who rated them average.

It turned out that members of this final group — the ones with the least information — were the most attracted to their potential dates. These women also reported thinking about the men more than the others.

As the Frisky put it:

We like the guys who play hard to get and, nine times out of 10, lead to no good. Tell us something we don’t know. Like how to make us stop. I would like to take these findings and set fire to them. I’m embarrassed for us. Can we just stop being idiotic masochists when it comes to love already?


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