The Internet

Until recently most people got their information from the mainstream media: TV, magazines and newspapers.  All of these mediums are compromised by commercial conflicts or interests or simple political correctness.  We have never heard anything about the darker side of the Federal Reserve, the danger of vaccines, MSG, fluoride, unhealthy food, and lots of other corruptions and scandals.  There has been and is a wall of silence about a whole swath of unsavory issues.

Now with the internet suddenly people have a forum to speak out free from political correctness and commercial conflicts of interests.  I am not saying that the internet is perfect.  There are plenty of fanatics and charlatans out there, but there are also a fair share of people pointing out truths that the MSM refuses to acknowledge.  And people are waking up.  For me the internet has been an eye opener as to what is going on.  If enough people turn off their TV and put down Time Magazine and start tuning into serious internet forums, they are going to get informed and get angry at how the system is betraying them.

The internet represents a real threat to the powers at be and the cozy corrupt status quo.  It is not just in Egypt that the powerful and corrupt should be worried.  That is why I believe that it is only a matter of time before the government tries to censor the internet, undoubtedly under the rubric of national security or to protect the people from “dangerous” ideas.  I just can´t see the status quo allowing the free exchange of ideas on the internet if it starts to represent a threat to their vested interests.


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