Ideology is the enemy of good thinking

Ideology is a great way to think wrongly.  So many people become emotionally, socially and tribally comitted to a fixed belief system that a little thing like reality is not going to get in their way.  Once they believe in something they are not going to let go.  Thus we have had leftists defending Stalin and right wing free market fundimentalists.  Ideology is nothing more than a way to superimpose a predetermined belief system upon reality.   Sometimes it gets it right, but more often than not reality is too variable to conform nicely with an ideological position.   There are all kinds of issues where the right mix of something depends on the situation.  In the end what works is what works, and we should be open minded and pragmatic enough to accept that sometimes reality does not conform to our treasured ideological beliefs.  Sometimes what works is what works, and that is all that matters.


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