Global Warming

A lot of people on the left like to paint a picture of undeniable scientific reason and evidence going up against a bunch of right wing ideologues too stupid, corrupt and ignorant to recognize the golden truth.

The reality is that it is the global warming alarmists who come off as ideological, corrupt and blind.

I do not know if AWG is real or not.  I do know that predicting climate is incredibly complex with hundreds of interacting variables, and that we have entrusted the whole topic to a bunch of scientists who have every motive to exaggerate the situation and infact owe their current funding and livelyhood to such fearmongering.  This is a big problem in modern society with experts controlling topics and often exaggerating them to suit their funding needs and ideological proclivities.  Remember the y2k hysteria?

I also know that environmentalists have found global warming to be a useful tool to attack oil/coal use, and the hard left have joined in them in their quest to destroy capitalism.  Politician find global warming promotion to be good for their careers, the growing green industry likes global warming, and people like Al Gore will make a huge amount of money off of cap and trade.  So in total we have a lot of influential forces that have a reason to keep Global Warming hot.  Furthermore almost all mainstream institutions bought into the Global Warming fears, and these people are now too embarassed to admit that maybe they were wrong on the subject after all.

I also find a lot of hypocricy on the part of wealthy liberals who are very self righteous about the subject, but continue to lead a very comfortable and high energy use lifestyle.

Also why are we obscessing exclusively on CO2 and ignoring other greenhouse gases like methane?  It sounds like CO2 demonization fits someone´s agenda.

If we really cared about the environment the firt priority would be population control yet we hear nothing about it.  All studies show that having children has the greatest impact on the environment-  Much greater than living in big houses and driving gas guzzlers. For the self righteous environmentalists it sounds like being politically correct is more important than actually helping the environment.

I find that a lot of people on the left believe that all we need to have is a strong cap and trade or a big carbon tax and alternative sources of cheap, clean and limitless energy will spring up to the benefit of everyone.  I wish that it were so.  Unfortunately I currently see no cost effective scalable source of alternative energy. Europe has had very high gas taxes for as long as I can remember and no innovation has come out of it except that people drive in smaller cars with smaller engines.  The proposed 80% reduction in carbon emission in 50 years would put us back to horse age.

Finally I don´t like the whole mentality of “the science is settled” dogma, the lack of debate, and the denegrating of anyone who happens to be skeptical.  This is enough to raise alarm bells.


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