More thoughts on Feminism

I have been spending a bit more time in feministland and have come to some disturbing thoughts.  I understand that there are different interpretations of Feminism, but what I am talking about is the radical form centered in universities, and in feminist groups.  They express not only psychologically disturbed phenomenon filled with an almost pathological hate, but also one which is completely dishonest, inconsistent, contradictory, devious, manipulative, abusive, two-faced, and hypocritical.  It plays dirty and seems to regard winning as the only consideration.  It represents an unhealthy fusion of the worst of both male and female personality traits with none of the good.

For instance it has taken all the deviousness, manipulativeness, and emotionalism from females, while forgetting about empathy.  From men is has adopted all of its aggression and bullying dominance, while forgetting about fair play, and reasoned argument.

The problem with feminism is that it is fundamentally dishonest and hypocritical.  There is always a double standard which suits them.  They want it both ways.  For instance, in their obsession with the all-present and all-evil Patriarchy, they comment on how men hold most of the official power in the world.  Due to this power imbalance women are presumably intrinsically subjugated, intimidated, suppressed, abused, etc and need to be cosseted, protected, shielded, etc.  Their voices must no longer be silenced.  They must speak up against the powers at be, and fight the system.

I think that the argument, altho a bit simplistic, has some validity, especially in the 3rd world.  So far so good.  The problem arises when feminists/women are the one´s in power in their women´s studies and Humanities departments running them like petty tyrants.  Suddenly now the power dynamic critique does not apply.  Those in charge can do whatever they want and anyone who does not agree with their dominant ideology is fair game to be intimidated, punished, bullied, etc.

Feminism also does not fight fair.  When logic and reason break down in their arguments, they resort to having a tantrum, playing the victim or exaggerating everything.  They love to forcefully lecture other people, but when someone dares to use counter arguments they become indignant.

I have visited a forum for serious feminists, and the environment becomes surreal after a while.  There is a constant encrusted anger against men and a desire to wish them the worst.  There is frustration that young women are not sufficiently filled with enough rage against men and the “system”.  There are comments like. “What is so wrong with being a harry, man-hating, lesbian anyway?”  and “All this ridiculous talk among young women about equality just blows my mind.  Don´t they understand that feminism is about being superior and beating men?”.  There is also an entrenched grudge against make-up, cute clothes and anything else that might actually please those evil men…and women for that matter.  They really seem like a bunch of people that have so much misdirected anger and resentment at life that half of the human species must perpetually be the enemy.  Either that or they are such a bunch of butch lesbians that they feel completely out of place in normal society and so must fight it at every turn.

Even on the question of male and female values they don´t make any sense.  They hate masculine qualities of aggression, dominance and leadership but are exalted when feminists act this way.  They uphold women as being morally superior with their empathetic nurturing, and at the same time hate traditional women.  Only the masculine woman who hates masculine men is to be emulated.

Look at the following contradictions:

Women have the right to express whatever opinion they want however they want, to hector and lecture and sermonize.  Women can rant and rave.  Men must bite their tongue and only say “correct” things and make sure to avoid saying anything that might upset the exquisite sensitives of other women.

Women should have an endless number of women´s only colleges, organizations, groups, etc.  Men have no right to have anything men only.

Feminist groups must be supported.  Masculinst groups must be marginalized.

Women can use either logic or emotion to win an argument.  Men can only use logic.

When women are the minority they must be protected and indulged.  When men are the minority they must be subjugated.

If women are upset, it is the man´s fault, so she is a victim who must be sympathized with, supported, and indulged.  If men are upset, they are whiners and need to get over it and suck it up.

Nothing women do is too outrageous as long as it is in the name of the “cause”.  Men however must tread a very fine line to avoid giving offense, and must not engage in “hate speech”.

Women are morally superior and smarter than men.  Every emotion that they express is valid.  Men are inherently inferior and every emotion that they express, except for contrition, is unacceptable.

This kind of behavior in which people abuse others and then play the victim reminds me of radical Muslims, the Nazis, and the Serbs under Milosevic.  All these groups justified their oppression because they considered themselves to be “victims” and were just defending their rights as oppressed people.  Radical Muslims, like radical feminists, think that their cause is so “holy” that everyone else must play by the rules but them.  They go around victimizing people but then are indignant when anyone even dares to criticize them.

In sum, this does not sound like a movement based on equality or humanity or equality (as many claim it is), but a plain old women´s supremacist movement out to get men and willing to do whatever it takes to win.   No wonder most young women distance themselves from the word “feminist” and all of its well deserved negative associations.


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