Leftist Thinking

I was reading a Stanly Fish article in the New York Times in which he described obliquely that, maybe, political correctness sometimes can be a problem on campus, and that some professors actually use their position more to advocate politics than to encourage students to think for themselves. Coming from a leftist professor this is quite an admission.

Interestingly in the comments section the general attitude could be summed up as such:

-There is no problem with PC stifling debate on campus or the classroom.

-Profesors have a right to preach leftist politics since the rest of society does not share their views and the profesor´s stridency is a necessary corrective to the conservatism of society.

-Professors cannot abuse their power and coerce their students into narrow thinking, because as academics and leftists they are so smart, enlightened and decent that they would never do such a thing.

-That right of center people do not go into teaching because conservatives are too greedy, stupid, ignorant, and nasty to be able to stand the intellectual demands, the spirit of true inquiry, the general intellectual enlightenment and selfless devotion required of a tenured professor in an elite institution.

Some of these generalizations seem almost comical.  I get the feeling that many leftists regard almost all people on the right as being as stupid, ignorant, abusive and corrupt as George Bush.  They can´t seem to imagine that conservatives might actually sometimes have a brain, read, and produce intellectual arguments.  To them they are all just a bunch of ignorant religious hicks and corporate sell outs, while people on the left are so noble, and smart and giving and enlightened.  For people who routinely love to accuse others of simplistic stereotypical monolithic thinking ,the lefties seem to be doing a pretty good job of it themselves.  Even when presented with clear evidence that the left has run amok on college campuses they don´t seem to be able to understand what all the fuss is about or why any sane decent person would be upset.

I know that this kind of bubble group think is common on the right as well, but I expect a bit more from our finest intellectual institutions and the esteemed and “enlightened” readership of the NYT.  Obviously they are no better than the ignoramuses who mindlessly adored Bush all those years.


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