One of the favorite terms thrown around these past couple of decades is the term “diversity”.  The word almost has taken on almost holy religious significance and is seen as a remedy and excuse for just about everything.  Woe to anyone who dares to criticize it.

Of course in PC speak “diversity” does not mean actual diversity-at least not in the general sense.  How naive of someone to expect consistency.  “Diversity” in leftist language this is a “code word” for “let´s get as many people of color into white dominated organizations as possible”.

It has nothing to do with actual diversity.  If a formerly white organization, thru a process of “diversity” become completely black or Hispanic, for example, they they would never demand that more white people reenter so as to make the black dominated organization “diverse”.  The same goes for the NBA.  I have never heard the left loudly cry out that the NBA must adopt “aggressive hiring targets” to get more white and Asian players, so that the NBA will “look like America”.  Nor does the concept of “diversity” seem to matter with women´s colleges, where proudly excluding half of the population is institutionalized.  The same goes for the overwhelmingly leftist faculty who see no problem with professors being 90% registered Democrats and who, far too often, silence and intimidate genuinely diverse opinions about issues.

So in the end we see “diversity” as an extremely dishonest term used in a very particular way to serve a specific political agenda.


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